Tidbits About Exercise & Some Water To-Boot

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Unfortunately, there is no fountain of youth, nor instant cure for aging, but there are things that you can do to prolong a reasonably healthy life.


Lack of exercise and your bones will weaken, so at the minimum. Exercise helps to reduce muscle mass loss, which is especially important as one ages. If one loses muscle for a long enough period, they will end up with sarcopenia, which mean a deficiency of muscle. Often not even noticeable as it is a slow deterioration process.


Just fifteen minutes of daily exercise can avert this deterioration, as well as exercise will lengthen your life.


Also, your intake of water is essential to good health, as it effects every part of your anatomy. Your brain, blood, and muscles consist mainly of water, as well as your bones also contain water. If one does not consume the necessary water necessary to avoid dehydration, it can lead to skin wrinkling and premature aging.


Did you know that hydration promotes a youthful radiance and water flushes out toxins in the body that cause skin disorders and discoloration?


Major aging factors are a sedentary lifestyle, and a diet consisting of processed foods and refined sugar, and vices such as smoking and alcohol certainly contribute to faster aging.


In conclusion:

Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It aids in the transport of nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level.

You may feel tired, have muscle cramps, dizziness, or other serious symptoms.

Cross Contamination

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Cross Contamination of food can be deadly!

Food poisoning comes from various sources. Unfortunately, in many but not all cases, it is because of those who prepare our food in public food providers do not wash their hands.

Another serious culprit is that of food prepared in the home, or for that matter in food preparation kitchens everywhere, this is especially true when dealing with eggs, raw meat, poultry and seafood. Keep these foods and their juices away from already cooked or ready-to-eat foods and fresh produce. As an added precaution, use separate plates and utensils for cooked and raw foods

Many do not realize that Salmonella is sometimes very deadly. It is imperative that when preparing food, one does not utilize the same prep surface for chicken and that of red meats. Cutting boards are a place where cross contamination can take place. Always, clean all surfaces prior to the next meat item, a slight amount of Bleach (use a solution of 1 tablespoon of unscented, liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water to sanitize surfaces and utensils.) on a sponge can go a long way to avoiding Salmonella. A prudent procedure would be that of using different cutting boards for the various meats or vegetables being prepared, this certainly includes that of fruits.

Many foodborne microbes are present in healthy animals raised for food. Meat and poultry may become contaminated during slaughter by small amounts of intestinal contents. As in the case of fresh fruits and vegetables, they can be contaminated if they are washed with water that has become contaminated by manure or human waste.

Always marinate food in the refrigerator, not on the counter. Never place cooked food back on the same plate or cutting board that previously held raw food.

Do not use Sauce that is used to marinate raw meat, poultry, or seafood, this should not be used on cooked foods, unless it is boiled just before using.

In conclusion, always wash hands and surfaces often. Harmful bacteria can spread throughout the kitchen and get onto cutting boards, utensils, and counter tops. Always wash hands with soap and hot water before and after handling food, and after using the bathroom, changing diapers; or handling pets

When shopping, separate raw meat, poultry, and seafood from other foods in your grocery-shopping cart. Place these foods in plastic bags to prevent their juices from dripping onto other foods. It is also best to separate these foods from other foods at check out and in your grocery bags.

Refrigerate or freeze leftovers within 2 hours or sooner in clean, shallow, covered containers to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying.



Ponder This…

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The Great Super Dust Storm that affected tens of million citizens of the World.

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The super enormous dust cloud of dust in 1994 spread over the entire World. It is thought by many that this dust cloud effected many down wind now with allergies.

Meteorologist in China know the dangers involved in huge dust dorms in East Asia. The Chinese have constructed vast belts of forest planted across the northern arid lands, referred to as “The Great Green Wall,” The purpose is to reduce eolian transport of dust from the Gobi Desert, yet only time will tell if it worked?

Most common in arid and semi-arid regions, exposure to dust in dust storms can cause coughing, wheezing, and runny noses. Breathing a lot of dust over a long period of time may cause chronic breathing and lung problems. Dust storms may expose people to fungal spores that can cause a disease known as Valley Fever. Today it would appear that this super dust storm triggered pollen’s that today have effected millions of the planets inhabitants with allergies that were not present prior to this dramatic event, and to this day, they still exist. this can also lead to chronic problems such as bronchitis, asthma, heart problems and many respiratory problems.

In the final years of the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, farm animals were found dead in the fields and people started suffering from “dust pneumonia”. The dust in these storms has been shown to contain pollutants and toxins, such as salt, sulfur, heavy metals, pesticides and carbon monoxide to name just a few . The pollution-laden dust can be carried over thousands of miles, affecting millions of people who might not necessarily suffer from the acute events of the storm, such as allergies they did not have prior.

The long-term consequences on the livelihood of people who live down wind from these super dust clouds, it is difficult to pin down the long-term health consequences, but they were not there before the huge dust storms of the 20th Century. Further it was found that Pollutant levels were 20 times higher than the lowest levels considered to be hazardous. To make matters worse, these storms remove organic matter and the nutrient-rich lightest particles in the soil.
Australia has also experienced some huge super dust clouds and the long term effects have even effected the oceans, specifically that of the Pacific ocean, with chemicals that were caught up in the dust clouds and deposited far away.

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