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With regard to our Alien visitors, recent studies have provided a history of UFO’s, and it appears that sightings, since first observed in the 1940’s, UFO’s happen seasonally, so one must assume that they are simply vacationing Galactic visiting tourist on holiday.

Further, one must assume that the reason they do not land and afford us earthlings the opportunity to meet and greet the galactic visitors, is that they most likely cannot survive the Planet Earth’s climate. Perhaps, due to the very air we breath just might be toxic, or there is too much H2O and their lungs are not receptive and they would drown or the bacteria on Earth would be deadly to them, maybe our earth is to hot for them, hence; no one-and-one chit chat.

They are without a doubt, extremely advanced in intelligence, and have learned over eons of time the ability to defy gravity, and their propulsion is thousands of years advanced beyond our present knowledge and capability. They are likely from afar in our Galaxy, or perhaps, that of another far off Galaxy. We know by sightings that their space craft can travel at hundreds of miles a second and they have the ability to disappear in a wink, or possibly they just camouflage their craft? having said this, they appear to be drawn to our oceans, as evidenced by observations from aircraft sightings, commercial and military. and that just maybe the reason they are usually seen near water, as it might be their energy source for propulsion?

Then again, as an after thought, maybe they are simply transports vehicles used by Angels-Helpers from Heaven to transport departed earthlings up to their final resting place.

Only time will tell.

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Dilemma of the Frog

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When one considers what direction much of society’s leadership is leading the public and their course of action to getting there, consider the Frog!
The frog (the electorate) has been conditioned to trust the human controllers (leadership). They place you in a pot provided with pleasurable Luke warm water (welfare). You are loving this comfortable temperature and now have trust in the controller (leadership). Now the controller turns up the temperature ever-so slightly, you squirm at the change, but are still comfortable and trusting, now the controller turns up the temperature more, a little at a time, and before you realize the circumstances you are now in-you are cooked.
This is the way the leaders of today’s society deal with the electorate (the people).

In the end, one should always consider that the controllers (leadership) are seeking power by your vote, and always promising a carrot for nothing on your part, and as always,
follow the money for the real answers (truth).

Fast-Trac, you and Google

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What the heck are they thinking?

The Stock Market lives by a 90 day calendar. No matter that over 70% of listed companies are growth companies that take years to achieve there success, as well as those other 30% majors who suffer at the will of this outrageous 90 day calendar, allowing a few stocks to dictate the degrading value of the other thousands of stocks which had nothing to do with the few they used as examples.

The majority of these companies are not the fortune 500, but investor driven entities in for the long-haul. There is no excuse for using this short term calendar that almost always drives down the value of stocks that have nothing to do with the few that do not do well with this clock. It is time for a realistic time period for evaluation of stocks, say every six months or so.

As an example: Why is the dramatic drop in the value of Facebooks stock which is due to lack of openess of its practice of selling user information have to do with the stock value of Tyson foods, the Oil companies or thousands of other public companies, little or none!

It is time for a realistic change evaluating stock values.