Be prepared – No one is exempt from medical emergencies!
Don’t go anywhere without it!

· Print first/last name on front of flash drive (use a fine point ‘Sharpie’).

· To open: with card face up grasp bottom end with lanyard hole in it with thumb and pointer finger and pop up and away from card.

Fully Opened Flash Drive

·Insert the Fast-Trac for Life flash drive into your computers empty USB port, go to “My Computer/This PC/Computer”, etc. click on the port you placed the Fast Trac for Life flash drive device in (i.e., D, E, F, etc.). upon opening, click on “Your name and picture” and the medical history questionnaire will appear (the format is Adobe Reader, if you do not have it in your computer, it will quickly prompt you with an free download) and start entering your medical information. Savable file is your back up template in case you lose your name and picture template, unfortunately you will have to once again enter all of your information, so do not delete the file you have now created and saved in ‘your name’, also save to your documents as an added precaution.

Mac/Apple users be sure that you have downloaded the most recent Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program (free download) on your pc and to also enable your computer to open pdf’s (Portable Document Format (PDF) .

Answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. You may need to contact your physician for additional information. Upon completion of questionnaire, click ‘save’ or ‘save as’, enter your name or family member’s name. Flash drive will hold up to three (3) additional family members.

The light-weight credit card can be carried in your wallet or purse when traveling.

· Decal: print the location of the flash drive, remove backing and place next to front door or entry facing window so that emergency responders can quickly locate flash drive upon their arrival.

· Medical information should be updated anytime health circumstances or medications change.

DO NOT DELETE! the original Savable PDF, as it will disappear and is not retrievable on the credit card flash drive. DO NOT SAVE TO THE SAVABLE TEMPLATE (This is your backup). After completing the questionnaire, make certain that you do a “SAVE AS” with your name and then save that on the flash drive, and in your computer documents for back-up. This way you will always have the original empty “Savable” questionnaire template, so that you may add additional family members, also saving their medical information in their name, as you did your own. Do consider that there is room for a family four on the card, but a wise move would be for the spouses to each have one card, as in most cases and very likely, the carriers will be in different locations.

Every few minutes click on “Save as” . We recommend that you save as “your name” to the ‘flash drive in the usb port’, then continue entering more answers. Upon completion, save the information to your usb flash drive and place the card/device in a visual location in case of emergency, ideally upon the face of a refrigerator or on a wall. Ideally if you are mobile, since this USB flash drive card is designed in the form of a credit card, you can also carry it with you in a purse or wallet.

Write the location on the vinyl decal that came with the flash drive, remove the backing on the decal and place the decal in a location that emergency responders can quickly see upon reaching your front door, (next to the front door or on an entry facing window, which is an excellent location) advising them that within your home/vehicle in a specified location is your life saving information device.

It is vital that you update this emergency medical information every three (3) months or as necessary, it could potentially mean life or death for you in a medical emergency.

Upon completion of questionnaire, the credit card design of this flash drive will enable you to carry it in your purse or wallet when traveling

* Make sure to keep USB drive away from damp, dust and heat.
* Pull up USB tab in the correct way shown face up and gently insert into empty port on computer.
* Do not leave the flash drive connected to computer for more than 3 hours. This could invalidate the warranty.