Fast Trac for Life Organization takes great pleasure in giving back to organizations and communities by being involved in donating 20% percent of our retail $29.95 income back to their many causes.
Having a successful fundraiser and also potentially save lives at the same time, can’t beat that.
Live to another day – Don’t Leave home without it!

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Just a few fundraiser groups to consider:
Band fundraising
Booster Club Ideas
Boy Scouts
Catholic School money makers
Charity Groups
Cub Scouts
Day Care
Drama Club
Elementary School
Fraternal Orders
Girl Scouts
High School
Home School
Inter-school clubs (Spanish club, etc.)
JV and Varsity
Middle School
Ministry Mission support
Music dept fundraising
Private Schools
School Spirit fundraising
Senior Organizations
Youth Ministries.

In keeping with our give-back policy and in gratitude to fundraiser groups and their many causes, we choose to share a portion of our income from each flash drive device sold through their effort, donating to the fundraiser event Twenty (20%) percent for each Fast-Trac For Life 2 GB USB Flash drive device towards their fund raising goal. The only stipulation being that the goal must meet a minimum of Fifty (50) Fast-Trac for Life Org flash drive packages sold in order to receive our donation to your fundraiser.

As to similar fundraiser events, Fast Track for Life Organization will provide the necessary flyers and order forms for your group to use in promoting your fundraising event.

The terms of payment are aligned with those similar to the Girl Scout Cookies brochure sale program. Your participants obtain the buyers pledges on the order form, how many, how much the pledge, their name, address and telephone number, the fundraiser collects the money from the pledge upon their order.

Upon the conclusion of your fundraiser drive your organization submits the order and payment and within seven working days, the order is distributed and Fast Trac for Life makes it’s donation to your fundraiser.

We look forward to hearing from your organization and working with you to raise funds for your cause. Understand that campaigns are specific to selling to Family, Friends and known associates only. This is not a door-to-door sales strategy and we strongly stress that this practice is not permitted. Phone calls, emails and social networking are the preferred choice for fundraising solicitation.

Contact us at: or phone us at 1 (830) 456-1672