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Medical Emergencies do not make appointments!

Your one time investment in this $25.45 medical device could well save your life or that of a loved one or friend, as within it, it contains your medical history.

Your Medical Health Card can be updated at any time at your convenience. Your information is only on the 2 GB USB card and/or also in your computers ‘documents’, and not in the cloud. Carried in your purse or wallet for immediate access. Comes with built-in software and simple instructions on how to add your health history.

Having this life saving medical personal alert flash drive with your medical information with you in case of an emergency could be vital to those providing emergency care to you.

Your having this personal health usb card with your emergency Medical History usb card represents a major time saving breakthrough in urgent care response situations worldwide, providing  them with Immediate access to your medical health history, potentially saving your life, and at a minimum – saving precious time in evaluating your medical problem.

Purchase it now, before it is too late.