Just sharing a little scientific facts from my Perch.

Our Solar system is ruled by our Sun and the weather is cyclical. It takes the planet Earth 365 days to travel around the Sun, and it takes our solar system 220 Million years to travel around the Milky way. As to Weather “Climate” change, we have no idea what we are in for, as the Milky way is ‘one of many Billions of galaxies’ each ‘potentially effecting’ it, as well as our Solar system. There is no doubt that our Planet is in a slightly warming trend, but does not even come close to the the dramatic changes that have occurred on Planet Earth in the past millions if not billions of years. As an additional ponder as to the warming of the planet Earth; Earth has been in the current Ice age for over one (1) million years. Modern man as we know it, did not appear until about 50,000 years ago, as the last warming of the planet provided a temperature rise that man could live and survive in. There is no record of modern man before 200,000 years ago. The ending of the past large ice age about 12,500 is when the modern man replaced the Neanderthals, as they became extinct about 12,500 years ago.