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Journalism has left the building

As a whole, the “majority” of mainstream media organizations, as well as much of the smaller U.S. News organizations now exhibit vindictive behavior, hate, biased facts and sensationalism. This began years ago, but when Donald Trump became President, they hit the all-time low of acidic approach, and in many cases provide inaccurate one-sided news – full speed forward and forget the facts, be damned the truth, a retraction of false reporting and altered facts, what is that? Fortunately, there are still a few organizations today, who report with much less sensationalism, reporting the news and not slanting the truths, to fit their political cause.

There was a time when the great newspapers and televised News organizations in America provided great professional Journalism with regard to news. Today that form of true journalism is for all intent and purpose-a foregone story. It is dead, and as to any resemblance to true journalism, it is now on the fringes of extinction.

We are now provided our news in a manner of the likes of the supermarket tabloids. Most do not even realize that every news organization subscribes to United Press International (UPI) as their major source of information and reporting material, as for those doubting souls? Spend a few minutes viewing the sensational evening news, take note and listen to their stories, you will find that the big four, all present the story in almost the same words, along with, of course, their own spin of sensationalism and altered facts, yet it appears that they are all reading the same copy furnished from a single editorial source. The vast majority of today’s factual news and professionalism is an insult to the likes of Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Edward R. Murrow, David Brinkley and those other like professionals from the past, who were representatives of truth and providing professional journalistic reporting.

We appear to have found ourselves in an atmosphere lacking true professional journalistic reporting and their subsequent amoral behavior in providing the truth in reporting in America. As an alternate news source, interestingly enough, today over half of adults get at least some news on social media, such as Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat serving as their sources for news for many of their users. Perhaps this source is at the minimum-less sensationalism and maybe not so wrought up in hatred and deceit, at least the author hopes so; I pray.

We certainly can no longer believe the majority of large network media and print organizations reporting truth in the United States, for their honesty and factual professionalism has left the building.