Communism Vs. Socialism, the difference.

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The Difference:
“Communism” rules with a loaded gun, and if you disagree with their leadership, you simply disappear, or are sent to prison as a Political prisoner, or more than likely simply are killed, so as to set an example for those who dare speak out..
“Socialism” rules by making laws that remove your freedom and takes away your money. Socialist disguise this control as charity through entitlement programs like welfare, healthcare, housing and food stamps. While at the same time robbing hard working Americans.

Racist liberals like Clinton, Obama and Sharpton tell Blacks that they can only succeed in America with the government’s help. This is truly a despicable act they preach, they are doing everything in their power to keep them in poverty, Don’t work, we’ll support you, and in exchange vote for us. This move is now also targeted at the Hispanics and Middle east immigrants.

Ultimately both are controlled by a very thin upper crust, and the remainder are the lower end of the socioeconomic class, the workers with no future.

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