The Collapse

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From the perceptive of an outsider who lived almost two and a half thousand years ago, a person looking upon the World today, and events that are taking place at this very moment, including that of the United States of America.

The base cause was it (The Roman Empire) failed to enforce its rule of law (Our U.S. Constitution today), and its vast territory was divided into what we refer to as States or Provinces today, they subsequently lost their strengths that had allowed them to exercise effective control over its borders and the incompetence of its Emperors (referred to as Governors today) and do nothing Ministers (Congress & Parliament today), the final blow was a wedge of mass immigration of Germans, Goths and Barbarians assailed its borders unchecked and not expelled or subjected and on top of this; different cultures, thus causing the failed strength of its economy to support mass non-productive immigrants who subsequently drained its economy. Present day observers can compare the last days of Rome as it was wrought with uncontrolled migration enforcement and pacifists and rulers who would not protect their borders which provided an invitation for mass migration into the Empire that broke down the borders of the Empire, thus the end of the Roman Empire.

Seem familiar?

For now,