Cud do’s Fast Trac for Lie

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Probably Saved Her life!

Cud do’s Fast Trac for life.

As an EMS team member, we are met with some emergency events that require immediate medical history of a comatose patient. More often than not, the family member or person at hand is asked about the patient and any information they can provide?

Fortunately, some are calm enough to immediately provide some information (unfortunately, many are so upset, they can’t really concentrate or they are aware of and seek out any medical history that is handy, be it in a desk or worse yet, a box somewhere, for us “time is of the essence”.

Recently, our Florida team responded to a call for a patient that had collapsed and was unconscious. This patient was on the verge of death when we arrived. After attempting to stabilize her we ask the spouse to provide any medical information that could to aid us.  We were totally caught off guard, as he immediately went to the refrigerator, removed a taped red credit card sized flash drive (fast-trac for life) and placed it in his laptop and handed it to us; there we found her medical history and prescriptions to date.

With this information, we had the information necessary to stabilize her further and transport her. Your flash drive ‘fast-trac for life’ usb card with the patients’ medical history information within-probably saved her life.

Please continue to spread the word about your Medical flash drive, we always need all the help we can get in saving lives.

EMS Florida Team member Thomas